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ToT (trick or treat), is small game i created over a week while I was at game creation camp. It is probably the first complete games I have created.

At the camp we were paired in groups of two programmers and two graphics artists. In my group I where the only programmer, I don’t exactly remember why, but it wasn’t a problem since I already had plenty of programming knowledge, and some experience with Unity3D. I where responsible for everything to do with Unity3D, including level design and programming.

In the course of that week I managed to create a fancy rotation main menu, one level with with various types of platforms (spikes, crumbling, propeller and conveyor) and a random level generator where you had to collect candy as fast a possible.

The random level generator wasn’t very well designed to say the least. It functioned by picking random index in a 2D array, and then setting a platform, a fixed amount of times. For some reason that I never figured out, the random level generator didn’t work when the game where ran out side of the editor.

If you want to try it’s still available here