Back GeThis

GeThis is a download server/manager i created on my dad’s request. Basically you run it on your server of choice, and it will provide you with a web based user interface, that allows you to download files to the server. Ideally it’s combined with some sort of file sharing system like FTP or samba, which the user can download the file to their local machine. It’s mostly meant for downloading large files over night, which out having to have multiple machines run unnecessarily.

Development started somewhere in october, 2014, but the first git commit dates to the 4th of november, 2014. At that point in time it were called WGethis, which i later changed to just GeThis to avoid confusion with the wget command.

For the first period of the development the UI where powered by JQuery, which did it job well, but in somewhere in the middle of november I begun learning about Angular.js and it’s capabilities. I were excited to try something new, and I realised that GeThis could benefit from it, so I ported the entirety of GeThis’s frontend to Angular, which were easily done.

At about the same time of the that I where porting the frontend, one of my teacher asked my if we’re interested in preparing a short speech about some of the decision I had done in regard to the design of the UI. The things I remember best speaking about was the color coding of the progress bars and how they could quickly tell a user what the state of a download is.

GeThis is open source, licensed under the MIT license. The source is available on Github.